Recycling in Austin and Central Texas

Find and utilize the best methods to recycle your waste and reduce your impact on the environment.

Wilco Recycling
Recycling services are provided in partnership with Wilco Recycling. Our recycling facility is one of the first of its kind in that it was designed and built to serve residents within Austin city limits and surrounding counties, giving the smaller communities the same quality waste service experience. CTR and Wilco Recycling are focused on one simple goal: Helping Central Texas residents find and utilize the best methods to recycle their waste and reduce their impact on our environment.

What Can I Recycle?

CTR offers recycling to both residential and commercial customers. Click here for a list of acceptable recyclables.

The Recycling Process

Our facility is designed to process cardboard, all types of papers, plastic containers #1 thru #7, Glass containers, Steel Cans and aluminum Cans combined into a single stream.

Our equipment separates these components into storage bunkers and then packages them into dense bundles to be shipped out to manufacturing facilities that make new products from them.

These products are typically manufactured goods that each one of us use every day such as clothing, carpeting, tissue paper, cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, automobile parts, newspapers, writing papers, glass bottles, insulation and many other common products.

Central Texas Recycling | Wilco Recycling Center

Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling refers to a collection system in which all paper fibers, plastics, metals and other containers are co-mingled or mixed together in a collection container and then transported to a processing facility by truck where the commodities are separated.  This eliminates the need for the customer to separate materials prior to being picked up. 

Advantages of Single-stream recycling:

  • No Sorting
  • Better use of natural resources
  • More people recycling
  • Easier pickup
  • Increase recyclable materials
  • Less waste in landfills
  • More convenient
  • Less contamination
  • Environmental benefits
  • Lower collection costs

Single Stream Recycling is a great service option for single and multi-family residential and commercial office recycling programs.  We provide these programs in the following counties: Travis, Bastrop, Williamson, Milam, Lee and Bell.

Austin Universal Recycling Ordinance

As our customer, we will be your partner in developing and implementing a comprehensive recycling program and provide you with the necessary documentation on your monthly recycling activities to keep your organization in compliance with the Austin URO.

In addition, Wilco Recycling will:

  • Assist you with interpreting and completing the Annual Diversion Plan
  • Work with you to develop education and training materials for your staff
  • Provide the recycling data needed to fulfill the reporting requirements, chart your program’s success and promote your organization’s environmental efforts

The Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) supports Austin’s Zero Waste goal by requiring affected property owners to ensure that tenants and employees have access to convenient recycling. By Oct. 1, 2017, all properties will be required to provide recycling services to their tenants and employees. Click here to determine when your property is affected.

Please visit the City of Austin website for more information.

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Full service waste collection
you can depend on

Servicing Central Texas Since 1981

Latest Equipment and Technology
Top-notch Customer Service
Safety First!

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