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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Fun Fact #1

It takes 80-100 years for an aluminum can to decompose (break down) in a landfill.

Fun Fact #2

Aluminum cans can be recycled into: soda cans, pie plates, license plates, thumbtacks, aluminum foil, and many other items.

Fun Fact #3

Recycling one aluminum can can save enough energy to power a TV for up to three hours.

Fun Fact #4

In the year 2000, 13,500 aluminum cans were recycled every minute in California.

Fun Fact #5

Glass takes over 1,000,000 (one million) years to decompose in a landfill.

Fun Fact #6

Glass can be recycled into jars, jewelry, bottles, dishes, drinking glasses, coffee mugs and many other items.

Fun Fact #7

It can take up to 700 years for plastic to decompose (break down) in a landfill.

Fun Fact #8

PET plastic can be recycled into: clothing, fiberfill for sleeping bags, toys, stuffed animals, rulers and more.

Central Texas Commercial Recycling Service

Recycling Service

We offer recycling to both residential and commercial customers. Provided is a list of acceptable recyclables.

Serving Central Texas Residents

CTR has been providing waste collection services to residence in Central Texas since 1988. Services include a combination of garbage, recycling, and brush and bulky item removal. Garbage pick-up services are provided once a week.

Residential Recycling

CTR offers weekly recycling pick up to residential customers. Click here for list of acceptable recyclables.

Austin Universal Recycling Ordinance

The Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) supports Austin’s Zero Waste goal by requiring affected property owners to ensure that tenants and employees have access to convenient recycling.  By Oct. 1, 2017, all properties will be required to provide recycling services to their tenants and employees. Click to here to determine when your property is affected.  Please visit the City of Austin website for more information.

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