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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Fun Fact #1

It takes 80-100 years for an aluminum can to decompose (break down) in a landfill.

Fun Fact #2

Aluminum cans can be recycled into: soda cans, pie plates, license plates, thumbtacks, aluminum foil, and many other items.

Fun Fact #3

Recycling one aluminum can can save enough energy to power a TV for up to three hours.

Fun Fact #4

In the year 2000, 13,500 aluminum cans were recycled every minute in California.

Fun Fact #5

Glass takes over 1,000,000 (one million) years to decompose in a landfill.

Fun Fact #6

Glass can be recycled into jars, jewelry, bottles, dishes, drinking glasses, coffee mugs and many other items.

Fun Fact #7

It can take up to 700 years for plastic to decompose (break down) in a landfill.

Fun Fact #8

PET plastic can be recycled into: clothing, fiberfill for sleeping bags, toys, stuffed animals, rulers and more.

Central Texas Commercial Recycling Service

Recycling Service

We offer recycling to both residential and commercial customers. Provided is a list of acceptable recyclables.

Central Texas Refuse offers many commercial waste collection services. Services are provided on a scheduled basis from 1 to 6 days per week. Commercial containers range in size from 3 to 8 cubic yards.

3 Yard Bin

4 Yard Bin

6 Yard Bin

8 Yard Bin

Font Load Bin Data Sheet

Model Size3 yard box4 yard box6 yard box8 yard box
Width71 3/4″
71 3/4″71 3/4″71 3/4″
Height50″51″64″72 3/8″
Depth40 7/8″55 5/8″64 13/16″74 11/16″

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