Automated Collection

Automated Collection Information

Round Rock Refuse will begin using Automated Refuse Collection Trucks in your area.

Central Texas Refuse will be using a new automated truck in your neighborhood.  The Automated Truck will pick up items only in the cart and a secondary truck will pick up items outside the cart.  The secondary truck may come before or after the Automated Truck services the cart.

Bags or small branches left outside the cart will be loaded into the emptied cart by the driver and re-dumped into the truck. For items that do not fit in the cart, the secondary truck will service these items.

It may be some time before or after the automated truck before the second truck arrives to pick up extra garbage.

Placing of the Cart

Automated Collection Bin Placement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automated collection?  It is the use of the vehicle pictured to the right which is able to grasp, hoist, and empty waste carts without the need for manual intervention for safer, faster, and cleaner collection.
Why the change from manual to automated trash collection? It is safer, faster, quieter, and cleaner than manual collection.
How will the extra bags/items be picked up? Another truck will come through the neighborhood before or after the automated truck to ensure that all additional items, up to the 7-item limit, are collected. The recycling truck may also come before or after the trash trucks.

Are other communities using automated collection? Yes, selected areas in the Round Rock area.

What time do I need to have my carts out by? 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.